IT (when IT matters)

We understand IT in the broadcast world.

From early days of UNIX servers to current days HPC – from virtual machine through high end work station, RENDER FARMS and work flow management, security, connectivity – NST will adress and fulfill all your IT demands in the broadcast world.



For an ever-changing world you need an ever-updated  technologies specialist.

The “internet” evolves – from offering just connectivity expansion to  offering full platforms in the “cloud”.

NST keeps updating, on daily basis, with current technologies / platforms / solutions / abilities and constrains.

NST strive to offer its clients the best advanced, stable, robust, updated and cost effective solution.

Our services range from developing and offering cloud storage systems, cloud server systems, cloud MAM systems – all on dedicated hardware or on SAAS base.

NST maintain a “pool of experts” thus we have the ability to offer the best service for the best price. Our clients pays just for what they get, no overhead.