Production & Post:


The foundation for any creation, the foundation of our creation.

For the past 23 years, we provide various technical services and systems.

These services includes: underwater film production 16mm / 35 mm (ZDF Documentary / High end Commercial for McDonald) – Underwater DP assist / Equipment technician,

Videographer for large international research expedition in Seychelles – DP Assist / Sound Man/ Technical Services

Aerial shooting systems support / services – Airplanes / Helicopters – Ofek aerial

Technical supervision / support for hundreds of commercials shooting in: ISRAEL, SPAIN, HUNGARY, ROMANIA, USA.

Time-laps (big brother compound building, NEGEV’s new factory building, Yellow pages “live” billboard etc.

Production kits – from “studio in a box” (Tricaster, Broadcast PIX, Vmix) and up to full featured studio.

Production custom solutions – “Camera Shaker” for Dennis rodman “Simon Sez” (1999) movie, Underwater custom housing for sharks tank observation, stabilized, gyro based aerial camera system, various “flight packs” for portable, high end graphics / CG / virtual sets / Bakup-archive / editing / special effects systems, Custom made, real time, censor system for the “Big Brother” production and many more.

Certified technical services provider by: SONY, COOK OPTICS, OTTO NEMENZ L.A – ARRI, ZEISS.

Tapeless: full “on location” systems, including: QA, Backup, Archive, Meta data insertion, Media asset management integration.

on location processing – including special effects / real time processing – virtual sets etc.

NST specialize in providing advanced services to the production from streaming / publishing (“The President conference 2011”), through real time, LIVE 3D event projected on stages in London And Tel Aviv – each viewing the other in real-time (Bezeq NGN Live).


From pre-production to a theater near you, NST will supply al your technical needs.

Make your production process smart, highly efficient and secured.

Post Production​

In 1995 I booted the first high end, special effect – FLAME system in Israel. Since then, we never stopped introducing high end systems, suites, solutions and supporting systems to the industry.

Certified UNIX Administrator/ Linux Administrator/ AUTODESK support and vast experience with Microsoft and Mac/OsX systems.

NST is proud in its ability to introduce its clients with the most advanced, cutting edge technologies on the market.

From design to “turn-key solution” – Our clients enjoy one point of contact for all their needs! – no more bouncing between vendors!

We provide: storage systems (DAS / SAN/ NAS – from small linux based NAS up to high end NAS), ARCHIVE systems.

MAM (Media Assets Management) – NST will tailor the best MAM solution for your needs – from  the independent producer and up to hundreds of users – NST has successfully deployed such systems!!!

Archive Systems – NST has successfully deployed archive systems, some on Peta Byte scale, serving media needs of Broadcasters, Universities, National Archive, metal working Industry and free-lance producers. The solution can be stand alone or fully integrated with MAM and or AVID Interplay systems. Local/Multi-Site/Cloud deployment.

From single work station to full post production – NST will design and built the perfect system that will answer your specific needs.

In recent years, production and post-production are entwined one in each other. NST can provide you the best integration.